Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Safety First

Providing effective solutions to our customers means maintaining a solid foundation of training and business knowledge at our core. We offer all employees extensive safety awareness training, including progressive chemical hazard training courses. With our robust computer-based programs, we are able to attain 100% participation.

Each and every facility across North America is outfitted with the right tools and equipment to work safely and efficiently. This means we continually strive for flawless manufacturing systems when it comes to delivering you the best products available in the engineered materials market.

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Awareness Based Behavior

Several years ago, we kicked off Arclin’s most extensive safety initiative: Awareness Based Behavior, a time-tested, industry standard safety program designed to manage safety at the behavior level, before injuries occur.  

Our goal – By observing employees conducting workplace activities, we are able to identify critical behaviors causing workplace injuries, illnesses and incidents and then take corrective steps to eliminate them.

The result – Using trained observers, we study how our employees do their jobs – how they’re lifting heavy materials, operating equipment, even how they’re going up and down the stairs. We use these observations to identify situations and behaviors that cause accidents and then coach employees on how to incorporate better safe work habits into their daily routine, on the job as well as at home.

Today, the level of safety at our facilities is a source of pride – employees are more aware of their surroundings and are benefiting from it, in every aspect of their lives.

360° Safety Strategy

Whether it be conducting a hazardous waste assessment across all of our facilities or managing our use and reuse of resources, from copy machine paper  and aluminum cans to pallets and drums, Arclin works hard to assure we are managing our business practices properly and seeking out new opportunities to improve upon our processes.

When it comes to workplace safety, small knowledge gaps can lead to much larger problems. Ensuring that every employee is well educated and trained in the most current safety practices is Arclin’s way of protecting our most valuable asset—our people.