Green Manufacturing

Company-Wide Efforts

Some years ago, Arclin developed a custom program that applies Six Sigma® quality assurance principles to assess and improve operations to meet stringent environmental criteria. Today, our green manufacturing processes underline our commitment to sustainability and ensure our products are made in an environment dedicated to continuous improvement in the smart use of raw materials, waste reduction, energy efficiency and care of air and water resources.

Arclin developed its green manufacturing processes, applying principles of the Six Sigma® quality assurance program, to improve operations so they meet the most stringent environmental criteria.

Current efforts include:



Air & Water


Product Development

Arclin leverages our own research and development, product innovation and customer partnerships to create better green products. That they meet or contribute to a host of green certifications clearly provides opportunities for our customers and downstream markets. It also means we’re doing our job to mitigate our environmental imprint. Read more about Arclin’s E-Gen® products that meet measurable environmental-performance based metrics.

Customer Focus

For Arclin, our commitment to sustainability nets a triple bottom line effect, gaining environmental, social and economic benefits. For our customers, it also means opportunity. Resins and overlay materials meet or contribute to GREENGUARDSM certificationLEED points or are CARB Phase 2 compliant. H2scavenger resins and dust suppression chemicals increase yield and reduce waste. Slow-release fertilizers reduce runoff and improve crop performance. We’re constantly working with our customers to help them meet demand and gain market advantage.

Innovation & Alternative Technologies

Arclin is constantly seeking new applications of its technologies to address market needs for better environmentally performing products.