Our Commitment to the Environment — and Our Customers

Arclin® has long been focused on reducing our environmental footprint. In fact, it was more than two decades ago when we installed our first state-of-the-art technology to eliminate more than 95% of the emissions produced by our facilities; it continues to best regulatory demands.  

Arclin has joined seven other private companies in a National Science Foundation-funded research consortium that will focus on environmentally friendly wood-based composite materials.

Today, our environmental sustainability efforts are multidimensional: 

Our green manufacturing processes incorporate many of the principles of Six Sigma® quality assurance methodology to ensure we meet, if not exceed, environmental standards and guidelines. 

Our R&D and product development teams have been heavily focused on green innovation — developing products that maintain or increase performance attributes while preserving resources and lessening negative environmental impact. 

Arclin’s growing portfolio of E-Gen®-designated green products is testament to our commitment to market-forward innovation. 

Consider our ultra low to zero-emitting resins or FSC®-certified decorative surfaces overlays, our slow release fertilizers that increase yields and conserve water and railcar toppings that protect air and valuable natural resources, Arclin is leveraging its technological expertise in bonding and surfacing science to finding new and innovative ways to address market and environmental needs.

We’re also working aggressively with a number of university R&D programs at the forefront of scientific discovery to uncover novel chemistries and new applications that net new opportunities for our customers. Smarter, greener, market-ready.

From internal processes to product development and performance, Arclin’s sustainability efforts benefit our customers, downstream markets, employees and communities.

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