High Quality Bulk Formaldehyde

Performance Applied.
For decades, Arclin has focused on providing high performance, high quality products customized to meet the needs of customers in a wide variety of industries. Formaldehyde — pure, safe and tailor-made. The hallmark of Arclin’s mission — performance applied.

Formaldehyde: an organic compound and essential ingredient in everything from pharmaceutical products to clothing, cosmetics to automobiles.  Arclin is an industry leader in providing high quality formaldehyde, or formalin, solutions to customers throughout North America.  Pure and in precise concentrations, Arclin’s bulk solutions can be filtered and customized to meet the needs of virtually any customer application or manufacturing environment.

Arclin formaldehyde products also promise reliability and consistency, arriving on time and to customer specifications, and can be seamlessly plugged into virtually any manufacturing process.  Various concentrations are available with additives, stabilizers or inhibitors to meet customer requirements.

Features and Benefits

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