Blood-Free Foam Technology for Plywood and LVL

Greater opportunity, without the mess

Arclin’s Blood-free Foam Technology (BFT) is a game-changer for mill environments that once relied on spray dried blood for adhesives applied by foam extrusion. Able to maintain stable foam properties without the use of red blood cells, Arclin’s adhesive for plywood and LVL opens the door to optimizing performance characteristics not previously possible — at lower cost and without the hygiene challenges of traditional dried blood mixes.

BFT reduces adhesive spread and, thus, costs by as much as 5 to 8% over a seasonal cycle. It also significantly cuts the amount of glue mess and waste.

And without relying on red blood cells to provide foaming properties, Arclin’s BFT can be modified in new ways by adding catalysts to, for instance, speed hot press cycles or by introducing alkalinity to improve adhesive penetration. Dry solids can also be increased to improve moisture tolerance or prepress tack.

Features and Benefits

Arclin’s proprietary Blood-free Foam Technology:

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