NitroGain® NI Nitrification Inhibitor

Arclin’s NitroGain® NI nitrification inhibitor reduces loss of nitrogen through nitrate leaching and denitrification. Adding NitroGain NI to urea-based fertilizers keeps more nitrogen in the soil for longer, which improves crop health and boosts yields.  

NitroGain NI is based on dicyandiamide (DCD) technology that significantly improves nitrogen efficiency. That helps growers reduce costs by making the most efficient possible use of nitrogen fertilizers — and it reduces runoff of excess nitrogen into streams and groundwater, too.

Arclin’s NI is a single mode of action product that uses Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) as the workhouse solvent. DMSO enables the active ingredients to penetrate the urea prill deeper, encourages faster blending and dry times, and provides better cold stability for the formulation.   

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