EPIC® High Alkaline Overlays for Concrete Forming

Arclin’s EPIC® High Alkaline Overlays have been engineered to ensure optimal performance under the most demanding jobsite conditions, including use with the most “aggressive” high alkaline concrete mixes.  The result — minimal wood grain and wood characteristic transfer with Douglas fir faced panels, and minimal wood grain and no wood characteristic transfer with hardwood faced panels.

With as many as 40 pours per panel, Arclin’s EPIC High Alkaline Overlays are economically and environmentally tough to beat.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a hard abrasion and chemical-resistant surface
  • Suitable for high alkaline concrete mixes that contain high amounts of fly ash and high cement ratios 
  • Has enhanced caustic absorption resistance properties over HDO and PSF. Caustic absorption properties are 45% better than HDO and 12% better than PSF.
  • Can net 20 – 40 pours per panel, depending on application and jobsite conditions
  • Creates a semi-gloss concrete surface finish. Can be used for architectural concrete when applied to an appropriate substrate
  • May contribute to LEED credits for waste reduction and for material reuse

Common Applications

  • For use with engineered concrete forming systems
  • For semi or high-gloss architectural concrete finish (with appropriate substrate)
  • Appropriate for low water/cement concrete mix ratios 
  • Suitable for high early strength concrete mix designs, GGBFS and Type III cement.

Certifications and Designations

  • May be available with FSC® chain of custody certification
  • May contribute to LEED MR Credits 2.1 and 2.2 for waste reduction and MR Credits 3.1 and 3.2 for material reuse
  • E-Gen®
  • Conforms to High Density Overlay – Concrete Form requirements for PS 1-09 and CSA 0121M-08.

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