Pitch Block

Highly resinous substrates have traditionally been limited in application, prone to pitch bleed that significantly restricts their use in many circumstances. Arclin's new Pitch Block overlay for plywood and OSB is opening doors. This lightweight, 1-step cushion sheet can be used alone or with other performance-enhancing overlays to create a general-use MDO panel with nearly unlimited application potential. 

From concrete forming to cabinetry, boxes to boats, Pitch Block provides a pre-primed, ready-to-paint surface on any resinous substrate, eliminating the worry of bleed-through that can mar surface integrity and inhibit panel performance. Panel manufacturers can now make their own MDO — with minimal investment.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates the worry of pitch bleed from highly resinous, open substrates, including plywood and OSB
  • Is a 1-step application that enables panel manufacturers to turn resinous substrates into MDO panels with a wide variety of applications
  • Turns panels into pre-primed, ready-to-paint surfaces
  • Is easily integrated into manufacturing environments, required little investment — and a world of potential

Common Applications

Southern Pine, Brazilian Pine, Chilean Pine...and OSB of any origin. These are panels with traditionally limited range of use because of their high resin content. Pitch Block changes the game, turning resinous panels into general-use MDO, ideal for a wide variety of applications:
  • Concrete forming – used with an Arclin EPIC(R) concrete forming overlay for enhanced performance attributes
  • Bookshelves, cabinetry and other case goods
  • Doors
  • Boats
  • Boxes, palettes and scaffolding

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