DustCap® Dust Suppression Freeze Control – Equine

Arclin’s DustCap® Freeze Control is specifically designed to reduce dust in indoor and outdoor arenas and training rings, on riding tracks and courses, and on surrounding access roads.  Regular use provides a cost effective way to control dust for added safety and a better riding experience. Sprayable, environmentally friendly, water-based and safe, Arclin’s DustCap® provides the cost-effective, simple way to control dust in the equine environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective treatment that lasts longer, requiring less frequent application 
  • A biodegradable formula that is non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Safe application for equine and agricultural environments
  • Non-corrosiveness to application equipment and vehicular traffic
  • Improved road integrity after repeated use 

Common Applications

  • indoor/outdoor arenas
  • training rings
  • on tracks and surrounding access road surfaces 

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